Transforming Communication for Non-Profits

Our cloud communication platform empowers non-profits to effectively communicate and engage with communities at scale, integrating tools for messaging, interaction, data analytics, and aid distribution.

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The Challenges Non-Profits Face

Our Solution

Our EmpowerLink platform is a one-stop solution for non-profit organizations to build and curate their conversations with the people they are serving. We integrate digital tools such as chatbots and contact centers, surveys, account registration, profile management, customer service, cash delivery and donation management ensuring seamless interaction with both recipients and contributors.

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Targeted, Rapid Communication for Crisis Situations

Swiftly distribute vital information to targeted groups via WhatsApp, SMS, or Voice, maximizing relevance and cost-efficiency.

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Empower: Listen

Inclusive Communication Made Easy

Enable people to contact you on their preferred channel with interactive Q&A sessions and digital registration, ensuring all voices are heard and valued.

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Empower: Decide

Effective, Tailored Multi-channel Community Support

Equip staff with the right tools and information for effective community support, utilising multichannel communication, call-back options, and more.

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Empower: Provide

Fast, Personalised Aid and Enhanced Donor Engagement

Provide quick, personalised assistance with cash or vouchers and engage donors through digital channels to boost fundraising.

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