EmpowerLink: Our Cloud Communication Platform

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The ultimate all-in-one solution empowering non-profits to seamlessly engage and manage interactions with communities. Integrated with powerful tools like chatbots, surveys, and multi-channel support—from USSD to WhatsApp—we enable non-profits to achieve effective communication and data-driven decisions for impactful outreach and management.

Targeted, Rapid Communication for Crisis Situations

Empower: Share

Targeted, Rapid Communication for Crisis Situations

Spreading information quickly to a large group of people can be crucial, especially in crises situations. Share enables quick communication through customised messages. An important consideration is sending information only to those people who really need, ensuring relevance and enhances engagement in a cost-efficient and dependable way.

  • Bulk messaging
  • Real-time mapping
  • Supports low bandwidth
  • Multi-channel support
  • Multi-language

Inclusive Communication Made Easy

Empower: Listen

Inclusive Communication Made Easy

Allow people to get in contact when they want and how they want – make information available through interactive Q&A sessions on the channel of their choice. Or create digital registration to offered services, negating the need for paper forms. The focus is on addressing queries and creating an inclusive environment where all voices are valued.

  • Survey & real-time feedback
  • Digital identity creation
  • Scheduling & virtual consultations
  • Multi-media content support
  • Multi-channel support

Effective, Tailored Multi-channel Community Support

Empower: Decide

Effective, Tailored Multi-channel Community Support

Equipping staff with the information and tools they need to help communities effectively. This can span multiple communication channels, call-back options, and much more – tailored specifically to relevant needs and preferences, ensuring streamlined and impactful communication.

  • Automated communications
  • Multi-channel support (WhatsApp, SMS, voice)
  • Data management & reporting
  • Training & support

Fast, Personalised Aid and Enhanced Donor Engagement

Empower: Provide

Fast, Personalised Aid and Enhanced Donor Engagement

Send people the assistance they require quickly and efficiently. Often, cash or vouchers are more effective than goods donations as they can be more personalized.

Additionally, engage donors through digital channels for fundraising, increasing outreach and efficiency.

  • Fast cash & voucher distribution
  • Multi-channel fundraising
  • Secure Platform
  • Identity verification & biometrics

Our Process

We are a full-service organization, because we know you need to be helping people, not worrying about technology.

At Humanity Link, we tailor tools to your needs, ensuring effective design and connectivity. We foster impactful interactions through collaborative solutions, provide real-time analytics for data-driven decisions, and offer over 20 years of dedicated support in technology, finances, and operations to streamline your aid efforts and maximize your impact.

Design and Connectivity

We assist in customizing your tool according to your specific requirements. Together, we determine the type of channel and configuration relevant for the communities you serve. We set up a phone connection, develop and program the channel based on your needs and enable smooth interaction.

Interaction and Iteration

We will work with you to design a solution that creates impactful interactions. Our goal is to facilitate valuable and memorable connections that are purposeful and significant, helping you reach your objectives and influence. Let’s collaborate to ensure every interaction is meaningful and aligns with your goals.


Our tailored CRMs and Dashboards help analyze real-time data effectively, enabling impactful decisions that influence lives. Gain insights, identify growth opportunities, and make a positive impact with comprehensive data overviews.

Transform information into actionable strategies for organizational and individual benefit, driving success and meaningful change.

Managed Service

Humanity Link, with over 20 years of experience working with non-profits, aims to simplify assistance processes by providing dedicated support for technology, finances, and operations.

We help you streamline aid efforts, allowing you to focus on making a significant impact on the lives of those in need.

EmpowerLink in Action

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